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Deep State Nuclear Attack Thwarted +Video

Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. Intelligence is pouring-in for citizens of the world to take notice to what has happened and what is going to happen. I saw similar intel reports by citizen researchers and sat-back in-order to see

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Deep State Nuclear Attack Thwarted +Video

Ex-CIA case officer was arrested after being lured back to US at least once

Ex-CIA case officer arrested in New York for violating Espionage Act

Former CIA agent arrested after fears that China spy network was betrayed

Syrian rebels visit Washington to request resumption of CIA assistance

Russian-trained Serb separatists are forming paramilitary group in Bosnia

Trump's Two Wars on a Collision Course +Videos

Pakistan halts intelligence cooperation with US, but US embassy denies knowledge

Man who attended Charlottesville far-right rally tried to derail passenger train

South Korean ex-president took millions in bribes from spy agency, say prosecutors

Tony Blair denies he warned Donald Trump British spies were after him

Year in review: The biggest spy-related stories of 2017, part III

Year in review: The biggest spy-related stories of 2017, part II

Year in review: The biggest spy-related stories of 2017, part I

Nuclear scientist expelled from China kills himself in North Korean prison

British spy agency speeds up hiring process to compete with private firms

Analysis: Egyptian Islamist group is emerging as ISIS’ most powerful branch

Russian hackers behind US election attacks also targeted hundreds of journalists

Western ex-spooks flock to Emirates to set up new agency modeled after CIA

Ukraine arrests prime minister’s interpreter, accuses him of spying for Russia

US military intelligence staff allege ‘toxic’ work environment, lack of oversight

Russia announces detention of Norwegian citizen on espionage charges

Finnish reporter destroys computer with hammer to protect spy source

Poland arrests military intelligence chiefs for ties to Russian spies

Russian hacker claims he was hired by Kremlin to target US Democratic Party

Luxembourg to further-probe Jean-Claude Juncker’s role in spy scandal

Russian court sentences Estonian aircraft executive to 12 years for espionage

German intelligence warns European officials of fake Chinese LinkedIn profiles